Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Affordable diet plan for diabetics

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes the first thoughts are always about food. People erroneously think that a diabetic cannot eat carbohydrates and that their diet is limited to chicken, fish and veggies. The truth is that a person with diabetes needs to eat carefully. When an affordable diet plan is designed, daily meals will be varied and tasty, and most important; they may include the choices of the patient.

Diabetes is a disease that, if not treated properly, will damage different organs. Kidneys, eyes, blood vessels and feet are among the targets of this condition. Of course, there are different medications that are used. A diabetic patient must be treated by a team of medical specialists, among them a nutritionist that will teach the person what to eat and what to avoid. The final choices, however, will fall in the patient.

The most important aspects of a diabetic menu are quantity and frequency. For example, can a diabetic eat pizza? Yes, they can. How much? Maybe one slice and not every day. So the portion of each food needs to be measured and the nutritionist will teach techniques that will make it easy to calculate the proper amount of each foodstuff to serve on the plate.

Quality is also important. When it comes to carbohydrates for example, refined starches should be avoided and the more complex sugars should be consumed. Breads, pasta and rice may be eaten, but always in the recommended amounts. The same may be applied to meats that should be lean, as in any healthy diet.  There are specific recommendations in terms of fruits, where those with high sugar content should be limited.

Planning becomes a way of life for diabetics. Not only regular daily menus should be designed. Social events should always be planned. Hostesses should be informed ahead of time of the condition so they may include the person with special needs in their menu. One thing is clear: diabetics may not eat everything that comes to the table but all the food a diabetic may ingest can also be shared by everyone at the party. It is just healthy food!