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Diego Dougherty and his imposible love

Diego Dougherty believed in love with all his might. He had a series of unfortunate relationships, but strangely, they motivated him to keep searching for his other half with strength and bravery.

-love is like jumping into the abyss-, Diego Dougherty told himself, but even so, he was convinced that falling madly in love with someone was all he wanted. That is why he focused his energy on and that is why his desire to meet a great woman someday never ceased.

Diego Dougherty looked for her nonstop. He imagined her, dreamt her and even if he didn’t know her yet, something inside him screamed that every failed relationship was preparing him for the greatest happiness of his life.

Diego Dougherty  and his impossible love

Eight years of fleeting and unexpected loves went by. Until one Friday evening he was sitting at a bar he felt the presence of someone in the seat next to him.

An exquisite smell of perfume warned him of who it was. It was a lady, but for a second, he hesitated turning to look at her. It wasn’t necessary, the woman took the first step. -Let me buy you a drink, at the end of the day, we will keep each other company tonight-, she said.

Diego Dougherty smiled and immediately turned towards her, it was love at first sight. His impossible love, exactly how he imagined it for years. To him, the wait was over and to think he didn’t even know her.

Diego Dougherty found happiness

Saying he was absolutely happy would be an understatement. The lady from the bar changed his life, she came to never leave. She knew how to warm his heart and would like a child. Diego Dougherty lived his love story with all the bells and whistles and nothing caused him more euphoria than her mere company.