Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Men’s espadrilles, a revolutionary casual look for summer and beach

With good weather and the sun of the summer, the men’s espadrilles are back on the street. The most versatile and practical shoe is reinvented with fresh models in trend key and become the protagonists of this summer. Espadriles, also called alpargatas in some Spanish-speaking countries, come with striking prints, different fabrics and even shiny ones. Taste comes with variety, so that is why there are many offers of this type of shoe of Mediterranean fashion.

It is a traditional footwear, used in its origin by the peasants. Over time they have evolved and became a basic footwear for almost everyone, especially the people who lives in warm places. The espadrilles are comfortable and very wearable, easy to combine, both to complete the casual looks to walk around the city and to go to the beach. The soles are jute or esparto, in extra flat or double-deck version, perfectly combined with lace fabrics, smooth, embroidered and printed.

Buy men’s espadrilles and wear them along with washed-up tapered jeans rolled up or a slim fit trouser in a neutral color and adding a navy striped shirt or Hawaiian shirt will be ideal for a top-notch summer look. With something so simple you can impress with your sense of style anywhere in the world, with a naughty, fresh, casual look.

The line between espadrille and sneaker is increasingly blurred, which multiplies by a hundred its durability without giving up entirely to its artisan charm through its thick soles of rope, although we prefer the classic air. Remember that espadrilles can also be worn around the city, not only on the beach and summer resorts, as they are more accepted than ever. If you include them in elegant styles, you can take them to the office during the hot months and let your feet breathe.

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