Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Olmo Cuarón and his interest in animation

Olmo Cuarón has a clear interest for animation and at 17, he has shown proof of his artistic qualities.

Through his YouTube channel he shares his short films, animations and stop motion videos, and fortunately, his content have been well received.

Olmo Cuarón knows that he has innate skills for animation and is comfortable when they surface and bring out the best in him.

Some people believe that artistic blood runs through his veins, considering the majestic filmography of his father.

Alfonso Cuarón: An unparalleled film maker

We refer to Alfonso Cuarón: the successful film maker from Mexico has won two golden statuettes for “Best Director”.

Indeed, this film director has been awarded with two Oscars after directing “Gravity” and “Roma”.

Alfonso Cuarón has been able to conquer Hollywood with his film making skills. And, without a doubt, he was born to be shine in the industry of the Seventh Art.

During his professional career, he has been nominated 10 times by the Academy, which shows that he has more than enough talent and an impeccable professionalism.

Although it is also important to point out that he is very comfortable with his role as a father. In fact, his three children are very proud of everything he has taught them, and specifically, for his achievements.

Olmo Cuarón and his interest in animation

Olmo Cuarón is Alfonso Cuarón’s youngest child, and this is why it is not surprising that he is so skilful with animation, short films and stop-motion videos.

However, he is not clear as to what he will do professionally. Will he dedicate his life to animation? or will he only focus on them in his spare time?

Only time will tell! But for now, he enjoys creating animations and sharing his creations in his social media in a genuine and sincere way.