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Small Boutique hotels in Istanbul – to get to know the beauty of Turkey

Istanbul, the most inhabited city in Turkey and which was known in antiquity as Byzantium and later called Constantinople being one of the first metropolises that developed in the world, with a fascinate history and that you can only admire when you visit.

The oldest part of the city highlights the diverse cultural influences of the different empires that ruled the region. The Hippodrome erected in the open air in the Roman era was for centuries a place of chariot races,
In addition, the passage of the Egyptian empire accounts for the obelisks that also remain in place.

But undoubtedly one of the most emblematic constructions of this part of the city is the iconic Byzantine basilica Hagia Sophia which can be seen from anywhere in the city due to its high dome of the sixth century and rare Christian mosaics. This temple became the largest Christian sanctuary for many centuries and received the most visitors before the empire of Constantinople fell silent.

There are many tourist attractions and especially historical that this Turkish city has, so planning your next vacation in this destination will be something you will not regret. It all depends on the itinerary you choose and of course the type of accommodation you choose.

Luckily, there are Small Boutique hotels in Istanbul that will make your stay and that of your loved ones in that destination a pleasant moment. These are hotels with a splendid and unique location, as well as offering an exceptional service that you won’t forget.

This magnificent compilation of small luxury hotels selected by hand allows you to get to know the region’s indigenous culture, including its gastronomy, customs and more deeply rooted traditions. So be sure to visit Istanbul or any of Turkey’s other provinces that have so much to offer.