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Transfer Barcelona: a beautiful metropolis to know

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This is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. In terms of number of inhabitants it is the second of Spain and the sixth of the European Union. It is located on a vast plain on the Mediterranean Sea shores. Its climate is warm in summer and cool during the winter. Pyrenees Mountains are about 120 kms to the north.

Places to visit in Barcelona

  • Its major attraction is the coast. It was regenerated for the Olympic Games 1992, making nine beaches available to the public in a zone of ​​more than 4.2 kms. All are centrally situated, clean and equipped with comfortable bathrooms including showers and changing rooms, security, red cross, hammock rental and food kiosks.
  • The medieval period monuments are in the ancient city, specifically in the flat area and can be walked on foot. Of special interest are the Roman ruins and the promenade of Las Ramblas.
  • There are abundant parks. Pretty famous are the Citadel Park where you find the Parliament of Catalonia and the zoo; And Güell, another of the fully admired works of Antonio Gaudí. A fun place for adults and children is the Horta Labyrinth Park whose passages are formed by hedges.
  • Viewpoints are placed in the two mountains that surround the conurbation. At the top of Montjuic there is an old military castle that was used to monitor the maritime access route; in its skirt are the Olympic facilities. In the Tibidabo is the Temple Expiatory of the Sacred Heart, which is seen from anywhere.

Currently, Barcelona has a recognized cultural, financial, commercial and tourist relevance. Its port is one of the most important in the Mediterranean and the municipality constitutes an acknowledged point of communication between this country and France due to its great motorways and railway availability.