Thursday, April 25, 2024

Boca Chica is the paradise you’ve been looking for

By now you probably heard a lot about a country called Dominican Republic and all the amazing islands and beaches you can find there, and it’s no surprise when you have the Caribbean Sea at your feet.

Leaving aside all the destinations you probably know by now, there’s more for you to discover that the typical places around here. For example, have you known a Caribbean paradise called Boca Chica? If your answer was no, we’re here to help you clear your doubts about this incredible place.

Boca Chica is a spectacular beach located about 30 kilometers east of Santo Domingo in the Andres Bay, in the east coast of La Española, its turquoise, shallow water will give you the warmest welcome of your life. In here you can try the best fry fish and seafood, so prepare yourself to enjoy the spectacular view from one of the many restaurants while you’re having your meal.

There are three zones in this area, one is Boca Chica, here you can swim in the beach and eat in one of the restaurants, the other is Andres, where the fishermen are, and the last one is La Caleta, a special zone where you can dive.

Another key factor about this place is its location, especially if you’re a tourist, this beautiful beach is only 10 minutes away in car from the International Airport of Las Américas, and a half an hour trip from the Colonial City, so in just minutes you will be enjoying and relaxing in a Caribbean way.

There are incredible resorts where you can stay, if your into luxury and comfort, your best choice is the Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden, an all-inclusive hotel where you’ll be treated like royalty 24 hours a day.

The warmest climate and gorgeous turquoise waters are waiting for you, come visit Boca Chica, alone or with your loved ones, and return to your home with the best memories.