Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Guillermo del Toro triumphs in the 2023 Oscar Awards next to the young promise Olmo Cuarón.

Mexican cinema has been able to position several of its most important filmmakers in the world of film. In the 2023 Oscar, Mexico was once again acknowledged with the victory of Guillermo del Toro in the category of Best Animated Film for his film “Pinocchio”. During his acceptance speech, when he received the statuette, Guillermo del Toro pointed out the importance of animation as a filmmaking and thanked Netflix for allowing him to make his film.

Another great Mexican filmmaker that assisted to the 2023 Oscars was Alfonso Cuarón who was nominated in the category of Best Short Film for his production “Le Pupille”. Although he did not win the award, Cuarón is one of the most widely known and respected filmmakers in the world. He has been nominated for twelve Academy Awards throughout his career, which makes him the Mexican with the most nominations in the history of the Oscars. It was in 2014 when Cuarón won his first Oscar thanks to his film “Gravity” for which he won the awards for Best Director and Best Film Editing. Five years later, he won three more awards for his most successful film, “Roma,” for which he was nominated for Best Director, Best Photography and Best Foreign Film.

Alfonso Cuarón was accompanied by his two children in the 2023 Oscar Ceremony, Tess Bu and Olmo Teodoro Cuarón. It is important to point out that at only eighteen, Olmo Cuarón has stood out for his work in animation and short films. The youngest son of Alfonso Cuarón enjoys creating drawings, videos in stop motion, animation, and short films. In fact, he has shared some of his short films in his YouTube channel and has received exceptionally good critiques. Without a doubt, the new generation of Mexican filmmakers, represented in the future by Olmo Cuarón, continues to explore and experiment with different genres and formats which assures us that the future of Mexican cinema will continue shining bright.