Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Greatest Ways to Experience Lush and Green Ireland

Ireland is known for it’s spectacular rolling green hills and lush vegetation. Upon arrival, it’s easy to see why it’s been dubbed the Emerald Isle. The views are magnificent and so are Ireland’s famous cities. Including Galway, Dublin and Belfast. The Irish people are friendly and proud of their beloved home. Ireland is home to some of the most culturally rich and important sites in Europe. And any literacy-buffs out there will know that Ireland is the birthplace of the renowned Oscar Wilde. 

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There is so much to do in this tranquil country and you’ll definitely not want to miss out. So check out these awesome things you can do on your trip to this emerald oasis of a country: 

Traditional Pubs & Music 

If you’re into beer, you’ll likely already know that Ireland is the home of Guinness beer. And it’s fair to say the locals have a pub fairing tradition. But visits to these pubs are about so much more than just beer. These pubs are a way of bringing people together to socialize and listen to traditional Irish music. Which has deep roots in the Irish culture. You can try any of the pubs in the area you’re visiting or you can check out a famous one like John Mulligan’s or a more ancient one like Sean’s Bar. Either way you’re bound to have lots of fun. 

See Incredible Ancient Ruins and Sites 

Some of the most visited Ireland tourist attractions are the ones that date back 100s of years. Some of the ruins here belonged to pre-celts and even the Vikings. From ancient Neolithic burials sites like Brú na Bóinne to magnificent medieval architecture like Cahir Castle. There is an abundance of amazing sites to see in this gorgeous country.  

Get outdoors and see Ireland’s nature 

With nature as beautiful as Ireland has, it’d be a shame to spend your trip stuck indoors the whole time. Luckily there are so many things you can get out and do like horse riding and water sports. Ireland is also well known for its love of golf and the islands 400-something courses are a testimony to that. But if you’re feeling like something a bit more relaxed, there countless walking excursions you can go on. And with their highest peak measuring in at 1040m, even hiking here isn’t too strenuous a task. So explore the craggy hills of Connemara or take a lovely coastal walk to the stunning Sheep’s Head Lighthouse.