Five reasons to golf in Spain

Spain has become the number one choice for European golfers. Golf fans come from all over the continent, but mostly from the more northern countries. So, what are the reasons people have to choose the Iberian Peninsula and golf in Spain? Either if you are a beginner or an experience golfer, here are the main reasons to decide to experience a Spaniard golf holiday.


Perfect weather. Most golf courses in Spain are located in the Mediterranean coast. An Mediterranean certainly means mild weather all year round and over 300 sunny days per year. There are different cities or towns to choose from and courses with different classifications, but the weather will always be the most favorable for the game.

First rate golf courses.  In Spain there are more than 300 courses distributed among the mainland, the Canary and the Balearic Islands. Many of them have been designed by famous architects like Robert Trent Jones Sr. Some of them are very private and exclusive, most are open to visitors under certain conditions. The landscape of the courses is always magnificent.

Splendid club houses. Club houses in Spain reflect the elegance and the hospitality of the country. First, they have all the comfort a golfer and his family deserve. Second, restaurants are first class, both in their menus and their service. Keeping with the Spaniard tradition of good food and fine wines, visitors can be assured an excellent dining experience in the club houses restaurant all over the peninsula.

Ample housing offer. Spain tourism industry is a solid an experienced business. That is why next and around a golf club there will always be an ample housing offer to satisfy everyone taste. From five star hotels and resorts where there is space for the entire family, to high rated bed and breakfast where accommodations are designed to make people feel at home. Service is personally oriented and attention to details is everywhere.

Not just golf. Finally, there is always so much to do in Spain. From museums to wine tasting experiences, from hiking in the mountains, to disco fun, there is always an offer that can make a holiday special.