Thursday, April 25, 2024

Have the best time in La Romana

Everybody knows that there’s a country located in the central zone of the Antilles called Dominican Republic, this spectacular paradise is one of the favorite destinations among tourists, and there’s no wonder why, some of the best beaches on the planet are there.

We can dedicate the whole content of this article to just talk about all the incredible places that you can visit in this Dominican dream land, but instead of doing that we are going to talk about one destination in particular, one that stood above the others because of its amazing beauty and its surreal tranquility, its name is La Romana, and if you didn’t know much about this Caribbean heaven, by the end of this text you will be booking your next flight to this superb city.

La Romana, like we mentioned before, is a city located on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic, it served as the central base for visiting numerous nearby incredible resorts, like the Be Live Collection Canoa, this La Romana resort is one of the best options for lodging there, the location is privileged, and the all-inclusive service is always over the top.

While you visitLa Romana we strongly recommended you visitAltos de Chavón, next to the Chavón river, this mythical place is a recreation of a sixteenth century Mediterranean village with artists workshops.

In the center of La Romana there is an obelisk painted with colorful images of the local life, in the south part of the city you will find the Catalina Island, a place with some of the most magical gorgeous beaches your eyes have the pleasure to see, coral reefs will be welcomed you in the best possible way.

Don’t wrap your mind around it for too much, La Romana it’s one in a lifetime place to visit and all its natural beauties are waiting for you.