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Puerto Plata, an unforgettable place

Right before La Nueva Isabela was established (nowadays Santo Domingo), La Isabela was the first founded city in America by the Spanish regiment in 1494. Christopher Columbus had the need to choose a place, where Spain and America could be connected in order to transport metals, food, people and animals; and this was the perfect location for that purpose.

Unfortunately, it was struck by two of the first hurricanes ever saw by the Europeans in 1494 and 1495, which led to the destruction and thus, the abandonment of the city.

It was inhabited until 1822, when the Haiti occupation occurred, and was renamed as Puerto Plata.

If you are interested in getting to know Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is a must.

Puerto Plata is the ninth largest city and its function is to be a trading port. Moreover, it counts with the fortification Fortaleza San Felipe built in the 16th century, it was used as a prison and now, it serves as a museum.

You can find aPuerto Plata Resortperfectfor vacationers best known for its achievements in relaxation and recreation like beaches, historic areas and spas, this Caribbean paradise is the best option for tourists around the world. Ocean World is an example, it is the largest man-made dolphin adventure park in the world. It is the main tourist attraction, it includes yacht marina, beaches, forests and is the house of exotic birds, fish, dolphins, Malayan tigers.

The Resort also, plans visits to the Museo Ámbar, Zona Colonial and to El Faro, an iron lighthouse built in 1879 and it is included in the 2000 World Monuments Watch.

Are there any more reasons for you to go? Puerto Plata is waiting for you.