Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bagan balloon

From one year to another there is a big chance for anyone to plan some similar kind of trips and this can make them get bored of travelling and not wishing to do something more. But surely it is never too late to get out of the comfort zone when it comes to your holiday preferences and choose to experience the thrill of a lifetime in a hot air balloon which is capable of giving you a sense of real adventure. Only thinking about the possibility to drift in the skies being in the basket of a balloon can make your heart pound a liitle bit, am I right?

You can choose anytime to feel how is it like to have such an unforgettable experience day by doing one of the most mesmerizing recreational touristic activities and booking a Bagan balloon. There is nothing to be concerned about because MyanMarvels is one of the best established balloon ride operators, with a team which now runs a fleet of over 12 hot air balloons and carry more that 2000 hot air balloon trips for more than 20 000 passengers. The safety of the trip is guaranteed because the pilot who controls the balloon is an experienced and a professional one with an excellent feedback from all of our past clients.

Seeing the city of Bagan with more than 100 ancient imperious temples which make it a very popular touristic attraction can be done on the ground, by foot or by bike. But what makes this city unique in Asia is the image of it with a lor of colorful hot air balloons slowly floating in the air, above the clouds and the roofs of the temples, and creating a fairytale scene. When considering too get to feel this type of unforgettable you should think about planning your trip very well. This is because the hot air balloon season starts in October and ends on 10th of April due to the cold air breeze coming on the sunrise and evenings and giving the pilot the possibility to control the balloon better and easier. Actually, the most chosen part of the day for doing this trip is early in the mornings, at sunrise. This is the moment when those people passionate about photography can catch some of their best shots into their objectives with the sleeping sunrise swinging on the roofs of the temples and the warm light contouring the city. Ending with, MyanMarvel team is always happy and pleased to offer to all of the tourists a magical experience created by breathtaking views seen from the air in the safest way.