3 vital tools to play in the Spanish top golf course

The main tools to playin the Spanish top golf course are:

  1. Golf balls

For players with a medium handicap, choosing balls to play depends on your swing, punch and touch the bat on the ball. If you are a regular player and further away, want more control over the ball, you better probably go for soft or flexible materials such as urethane. Furthermore, unless dimples, more stable trajectory.art3-batch793-3kw-spanish-top-golf-course

Many players with low handicap and professionals prefer balls with features like the Pro V1 X. Most recommended for your intermediate handicap is to use soft or intermediate balls, but without being 5-layer balls. Balls to play golf intermediate takes to deform longer, at least 18 holes. So that both control and cost are acceptable.

  1. Putters

Almost 40% of strokes are around with the putter and hence the great importance of correctly choosing it, since it will depend largely on the outcome. There are different types of putt and choosing one is very personal, because it depends on how you hit and your preferences.

Two types of putters are also distinguished depending on the position of the rod relative to the head: the center of the face and heel. If you are someone to play golf you move the stick back and forth forever by the line of putt, bet on the rod centered. However, if you tend to make a turn, play better golf with heel. Also consider that the better your base, the settlement will be easier.

  1. Wedges

To lower punches a round one of the keys is to perform well in the last 100 meters. A player half handicap usually gives more than 50 strokes less than 90 meters from the flag. When choosing note that the greater the number of degrees, more difficult. But since you are no longer a beginner, plus Pitching Wedge (48 degrees) and Sand Wedge (56 degrees), you can try a wedge more. How about 58 degrees?

To achieve all possible distances in the hot zone and get out of obstacles, it will be easier to change wedge to adjust your swing. Dare to try 3 to the next! Other wedges such as wedge 60 degrees Lob get very high shock thanks to its high loft. High elevation, quite accurately and little movement on the green.