Poultry Farm in Romania

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in Romania there are risen over 277 millions of animal for their meat and then bought in the markets. From this number, 266 is representative for chicken which are born in poultry farms, grow up and then they are used for the poultry industry.

Related to this numbers, almost every Poultry Farm in Romania has many breeds of chicken only used for their meat which had been created for obesity at a young age, but also they have breeds suitable for egg production. Even though hens from poultry farms in Romania are just the descendants of wild chicken, people created a few hybrid breeds which are known by having a faster growth than the ones kept in family’s yards. These types of chicken have a faster growth of breast and thights  but with the same behaviour of digging or jumping, in order to complete the prodyction in the correct estimated time of the farms.

It is essential for these chicken grown in farms in Romania to have a healthy life with no stress from external sources and also having always healthy food with no preservatives in order for them to complete the correct age of maturity and be used for their meat. Every farmer who wants to join this business should now these rules a few more because it is mandatory to comply with the european standards of growing up chicken and seeling them on the market when they are ready for this. The clients will surely be more pleased about their products if thc chicken had grown following these rules not only because they are strict when it comes to hygiene and health, but also because the taste of it it’s better.

According to all of these mentioned details, LaProvincia is also one of the businesses which started a long time ago with a small number of employees taking care of the animals in order to finish the production of necessary meat and eggs. Nowadays, after having a large period of success and appreciation from their clients for their products, the business has extended considerably over two generations of producers. All of the growth criterias for chicken is meet at our farms, including the food they eat every day, which is also our production at the farm and it’s quality has a big influence on the process of growing chicken and of the taste of the meat when being sold on the market.

Ending with, poultry farms in Romania had become something more than a business nowadays, being exactly like a lifestyle for those working at it and being encouraged by the positive feedback came from the customers who consume their products.