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Need to book an apartment for rent in Barcelona? You’d chosen the best country for this

In Spain the housing options vary from region to region and range from a house or a rented or purchased apartment to a room. However, the apartments, or “flats”, as they are called in that country, constitute the most popular type of housing. It is estimated that two out of four Spanish citizens live in a flat and not in a house. So if you look to book an apartment for rent in Barcelona, you spotted the right place for this.

For the newly arrived immigrant or native, the important thing is to start even with a modest room. Once they’re economically stable, the new resident will be able to look for better options. A very frequent housing solution in Spain is to share the house.

The situation, then, is provided for several people, usually single, take an apartment to rent and share the expenses. Additionally, 55% of Spanish owners are still paying a mortgage. The rent of a part of the house is a modality that helps the payment of housing in times of economic crisis.

Therefore, the offer of apartments and houses for rent seems to be wide and diverse in Spain, in these times of family budget adjustments. In Spain the rent of a house can be booked verbally or in writing. However, when there is no written record of the agreed conditions, neither the lessee nor the landlord can defend their rights in case of disagreement.

In conclusion, the signing of a written contract, regardless of the agreed term, guarantees the tenant the enjoyment of the apartment for a minimum of five years, and if the landlord needed the dwelling during that time, he could recover it whenever this circumstance is expressly established in the contract. Hence the importance of writing down the terms of the agreement.