Friday, December 1, 2023

Is it possible to rent apartments for days in Barcelona?

People move to Barcelona for several reasons. Some come just to be a couple of months and do not want to sign annual contracts. Barcelona offers monthly rentals of apartments, rooms and flats shared with short-term contracts. If you want to stay less than a month, there is also the possibility of rent apartments for days in Barcelona. Remember, however, that the minimum stay is always 3 nights.

Depending on the size of the apartment, location and season, rental prices vary. A great way to reduce the cost of rent is to share the costs among some friends and share a flat. This way you can rent a larger apartment with a limited budget. The price rangevary depending on your specific needs, location, services, usable spaces and furniture.

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain and is divided into different areas. Often, when you come to live in a new city you want to live as centrally as possible. Barcelona Home offers apartments in the center of Barcelona, ??always close to where the city vibrates. Barcelona is a city with many cultural influences. The most historic areas are Borne and Gótico.

Here you will find museums, art galleries, historic buildings and a wide range of local shops and restaurants. Another area is the Eixample, which is known for its safe and residential environment. The famous Paseo de Gracia street is located in the Eixample and is a must to see when you arrive in the city and want to know more about its cultural places.

When renting an apartment in a particular city, you often have to furnish an empty apartment, a process that consumes time and money. To make your stay as easy and economical as possible, all our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities you may need during your stay.

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