Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Sustainable Fashion: creating awareness

With the fast and busy modern lifestyle, where decisions are made in a matter of minutes and carried out in few weeks, and so many urgent things struggle to get our attention, it is terribly easy to forget important items, but slower to manifest.

Some examples might be maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly to keep in good health; going out often with family and friends and not letting little misunderstandings ruin prized relationships; and conserving our planet.

This last point in particular can generate deep worries, since everyday news of an environmental disaster that is happening in a remote earth corner comes. But many times you have to breathe deeply and remember, that the whole actions count, no matter how tiny they could look. For instance:

  • Next time you go shopping you should think about buying an ecological sustainable fashion T-shirt or jacket.
  • Remember to close the flow of the water when nobody is using it.
  • Use public transportation or walk to move to nearby places.
  • Participate of cleaning community spaces working days.
  • Maintain home well insulated to preserve cold or heat and not overload air conditioning or heating systems.
  • Start fun projects for children to grow their own vegetables.
  • Choose products of companies that are friendly to the environment.
  • Classify garbage and throw it in assigned containers and countless specifics that do not require much energy at all and can be done in seconds.

It may seem merely details, but great things are composed of several small parts, and a hundred people’s 1% effort is more valuable than only one’s 100% work. Besides, the planet has been able to recover from diverse disasters in ages, we just have to make sure we stay there to live it, and not be like the unconscious virus that destroys its host, and as a result, itself as well.

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