Thursday, April 25, 2024

Blow molding machines: quick plus clean and easy plastic working

Blow molding machinesWhen you go to the grocery store, there are many things with similar features that you can see there, fresh vegetables, tin cans, crystal containers and infallible plastic packages. And have you ever wondered how these are made? The tiny answer is they are inflated like a balloon by blow molding machines.

Without going too deep in the technical jargon, basically there are a series of machinery that first, prepare a quantity of boiling plastic in the form of test tube, hollow and compact; which is then bloated into a predefined mold with the desired ultimate shape.

It does not expand homogeneously; bottom could be denser for the reason that gravity in a natural way accumulates ingredients there. The result practically finished excluding lid and wrappers; is then released from the frame and ready to be stored, refilled or combined with another layer for better consistency or visual effects.

Origins of these techniques are inspired by handmade glass blowing

But speeds at which they operate are radically different. If it is observed in an assembly line during bottle expansions, nobody would really be able to pick one up. All process for a unit happens in only milliseconds.

And it is quite economical; since the hot substance is viscous and malleable. It is due to its thin finishing thickness that can be easily cooled; and any residual material that is left over, both by mistake or on purpose, may be collected and reused to fabricate more vessels.

Speaking of the models obtained, there is a whole variety of sizes, colors, transparencies, quality, hardness and shapes, but they have in common being almost completely closed, except for the opening where air or liquids to be contained and sold enter, after a short decontamination with chemicals.

If a person compares plastic with other materials can be seen that it is easier to handle than metal, requires less planning than textiles and does not need to consume trees as wood. It might not be the most luxurious or resistant to perforations, but because it is very handy, have mainly become an important symbol of the 21st century.